• VCX ST10-PV 20A DC SILVER Solar Fuse Link

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Technical data:

    10×38, 20A 1000V DC fusible link cylinder.
    is used to protect photovoltaic and low-voltage DC installations.
    rated current: 20A
    rated voltage: 1000V DC
    characteristics: delayed
    working temperature: -40 ~+ 90 C
    compliant with IEC60269 standard

SILVER fuse-links. is the highest quality among fuse-links achieved by using an increased amount of silver (Ag). Silver is the conductor with the lowest resistance among metals, so SILVER fuse-links mean more stable operation and lower heat emission.
Fuse, fuse link - a type of electrical protection, in which by melting one of its elements the continuity of an electrical circuit is broken, which occurs after a certain time for a given current to flow.
The main part of the fuse is the fusible element embedded in the fuse link. The fuse is an electrical conductor that heats up as a result of the current flowing through it. When too much current lasts for a long time, the fuse then heats up to the temperature at which it melts.
When the flux burns through, the arc is ignited, when the value of the flowing current drops to zero the arc goes out and the current stops flowing. The burning time of the arc depends on the voltage disconnected, the current intensity and the environment in which it burns.

The higher the current, the faster the fuse heats up and melts. Fuses have inverse time-current characteristics, which means that the higher the current, the less time it takes for the fuse to trip.
After tripping once, the fuse is destroyed and subject to replacement with a new one. Fuse-links that carry continuous currents at least up to the nominal current of the circuit, and currents with a smaller tripping value can switch off up to the nominal breaking current (overload and short-circuit protection).