• Sungrow SG110CX-V112(AFCI, SPD DC I+II/AC II, DC switch, PID)

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Technical Specifications:

  • Nominal power: 110,000 VA
  • MPPT number: 9
  • MPP minimum voltage: 200V
  • MPP max voltage: 1000V
  • DC connection: MC4
  • Dimensions: L: 363 mm B: 1051 mm H: 660 mm
  • Weight: 89 kg

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. is the most stable global inverter brand with a worldwide installed capacity of more than 182GW (June 2021). Founded in 1997 by university professor Cao Renxian, Sungrow is a leader in the research and development of solar inverters with the largest specialized R&D team in the industry and a broad product portfolio offering solutions for solar inverters and energy storage systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications , as well as internationally recognized solutions in the form of floating photovoltaic power plants. The fruit of 24 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, Sungrow products power installations in more than 150 countries.


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