• Solaredge SE3680H 1-phase

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Solar Edge : Solar Edge's transformerless, three-phase grid-tied inverters, available in a wide power range, are ideal for photovoltaic installations of any size. The Solar Edge inverter allows maximum and flexible use of roof space, and with optimizers, the installation provides the highest level of safety via SafeDC TM and allows module-level monitoring.

Solaredge SE3000H single-phase inverter


AC rated power: 3680 VA
Maximum AC power: 3680 VA
AC output voltage: phase to phase/phase to neutral conductor (rated voltage): 220/230 Vac
AC output voltage range (phase to neutral wire): 184-264.5 Vac
AC frequency: 50/60 ± 5 Hz
Maximum continuous output current (per phase): 16A
Number of phases: 1


Maximum DC power (STC): 5700 W
Transformerless, ungrounded
Max output voltage: 480 VDC
Rated DC input voltage: 380 Vdc
Maximum input current: 10.5 Adc
Polarity protection
Ground fault detection: 600 Ohm sensitivity
Maximum inverter efficiency: 99,2%
Weighted efficiency (European): 98,8 %
Power consumption at night: <2.5 W


Supported communication interfaces: RS485, Ethernet, ZigBee (optional), WLAN (optional), mobile telephony (optional)
Intelligent power management: Limiting power returned to the grid, smart energy, StorEdge solutions
El. arc protection: integrated, user-settable (UL1699B compliant)


Dimensions (height x width x depth): 280 x 370 x 142 mm
Weight: 7.8 kg
Degree of protection: IP 65
Ambient temperature range: -40 to +60°C
Noise emission: < 25 dBA
Cooling: convectional
DC input: 1 pair MC4

For proper operation of SolarEdge inverter installation, it is necessary to use Power Optimizers.


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