• Solaredge SE25K 3-Phase

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Solar Edge : Solar Edge's transformerless, three-phase grid-tied inverters, available in a wide power range, are ideal for photovoltaic installations of any size. The Solar Edge inverter allows maximum and flexible use of roof space and, thanks to optimisers, the installation provides the highest level of safety via SafeDC TM and allows module-level monitoring.


Solaredge SE25K WiFi three-phase inverter


Input data:


Maximum DC power (STC module): 33750 W

Transformerless, ungrounded: YES

Maximum input voltage: 900 Vdc

Rated DC input voltage: 750 Vdc

Maximum input current:  37 Adc

Reverse polarity protection: YES

Ground fault detection: 350kΩ sensitivity

Maximum inverter efficiency: 98.3 %

European efficiency (weighted): 98%

Night-time power consumption: < 4 W


Output data:


AC rated power: 25000 VA

Maximum AC power: 25000 VA

AC output voltage -phase to phase / phase to neutral conductor (rated voltage): 380 / 220 ; 400 / 230 Vac

AC - output voltage range - phase to neutral conductor: 184 - 264.5 Vac

AC frequency: 50/60 Hz

Maximum continuous output current (per phase): 38 A

Networks supported - three-phase: 3 / N / PE (zero point earthed star network with neutral conductor)

Network monitoring, islanding protection, configurable power factor, country configurable threshold values: yes



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