• SolarEdge SE7K 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter (RWS48BEN4)

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Solaredge Hybrid Inverter SE7K 3-phase-RWS

Technical data:
AC output power: 7000VA
Maximum AC output power: 7000VA
Maximum continuous input current (per phase): 11,5A
Supported communication interfaces: 2xRS485, Ethernet, Zigbee Smart Energy communication, Wi-Fi
(Wi-Fi connectivity requires external antenna)
Optional extension for cellular communication
DC photovoltaic input: 2 x MC4 pair
Dimensions: 853mm x 316mm x 193mm (height x width x thickness)
Weight: 37kg
Operating temperature range: -40 to +60
Cooling: Internal and external fans
Degree of protection: IP65

The advantage of Solaredge hybrid inverters is the simple installation involving a single inverter to manage both photovoltaic production and energy storage. Thanks to the DC-coupled architecture, it is possible to store photovoltaic energy directly in the battery without losses due to conversion to AC. The hybrid inverters are designed to eliminate high voltage during installation, maintenance and transport to improve safety.
The Solaredge SE7K allows the connection of 48V low-voltage batteries from multiple suppliers for increased flexibility. 
Using the SetApp app, it is possible to quickly and easily start the inverter directly on a smartphone.