• SolarEdge SE50K 3-phase kit (1*SE50K-RW00IBNM4 + 2*SESUK-RW00INNN4)

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The SolarEdge SE50K three-phase inverter combines advanced digital control technology with efficient power conversion technology to achieve the highest level of solar energy harvesting and best-in-class reliability.


The technology used in this product ensures that the inverter always operates at the optimum input voltage, regardless of the number of modules in the string or environmental conditions.


The SolarEdge SE50K is a three-phase inverter that is ideal for rooftop installations and small to medium-sized photovoltaic power plants. It also has outdoor installation capabilities.




SolarEdge SE three-phase inverter:


Built-in monitoring module

Exceptional efficiency (98%)

Internet connection via Ethernet or wireless

Small, lightweight and installation-friendly

Power Optimisers are required for the correct operation of SolarEdge inverter installations.