• Screw-on cable holder with cable tie black UP-30/50 UV package: 50pcs.

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Product Description

Strip holder. The product is used to fix electrical, telecommunication and control cables and all kinds of installation pipes, made of metal or plastic (PVC, PESCHEL, CU). It is mostly used indoors. It consists of a belt with a serrated profile and a mounting saddle. It has a strap-release mechanism, allowing the installation to be adjusted. It ensures stable installation. And making the product from polypropylene, a high-quality plastic, eliminates the risk of damage. High resistance to UV!

    Product color: black
    Commercial designation: UP-30 UV
    Max. cable diameter: 14-30mm
    Strip length: 80mm
    UV resistance: yes
    Certifications: LVD, RoHS
    Standards: PN-EN 62275:2015; PN-EN 61914:2009; PN-EN 50581:2013
    Additional information: price is for a package of 50 pieces