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N3H double-supported ground structure

Provides a self-contained ground mounting structure for an array of photovoltaic panels arranged horizontally (3 units one above the other), with a slope of approximately 25/30/35°.

The double-supported structure is placed on the ground using individual legs, driven into the ground to a depth of approximately 150 cm. The killing depth of the legs depends on the type of soil.

Each leg has brackets that improve the rigidity of the structure. It is possible to select a structure for the installation of a minimum of 9 panels and more.

Each structure is selected individually depending on:

Number of photovoltaic panels

Size of photovoltaic panels

Orientation ( vertical / horizontal )

Please send us your enquiry within 24 hours and we will try to answer and give you a quote.

Price depends on the number of modules and their size

The above price is per module/panel.