• SOFAR Hybrid Inverter HYD3680-EP 1-phase 2xMPPT

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Product specification:

  • Recommended PV input power: 5400W
  • DC inrush voltage: 120V
  • Maximum input current at MPPT: 13A / 13A
  • Nominal power: 3680 W
  • Tightness class: IP65
  • Standard manufacturer's warranty: 5 years

Sofar HYD can select the operating mode:

Auto Mode automatic mode - in automatic mode, the inverter automatically charges and discharges the battery depending on the amount of energy produced in relation to its consumption.
Time-of-use mode - electricity is more expensive during high demand (peak rate) and much cheaper during low demand (except peak rate). You can set up time-of-use rules. Maximum 4 rules are supported (0/1/2/3 rule). You can also select an off-peak period to charge the battery.
Timing mode - in this mode you can manually set the charging time / power and discharge time / battery power.
Passive mode - after connecting the inverter to the network, you can remotely control the functions of the inverter using commands

Declaration of the NC RfG EN certification body in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/1
Declaration NC RfG PL/EN
Declaration of conformity PN-EN ISO/ IEC 17050-1 dated 1.06.2021
EN-50438 certificate
Certificate EN-50549
CE, LVD certificate of conformity
Installation and operating instructions
SolarMAN User Manual
Warranty terms and conditions
Complaint procedure
The most common errors and their solutions in SOFARSOLAR inverters