• SOFAR Hybrid Inverter HYD3000-ES 1-phase 2xMPPT

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Product specifications:

Recommended PV input power: 3990W

DC starting voltage : 120V

Maximum input current per MPPT: 12A / 12A

Rated power: 3000W

Protection class: IP65

Standard manufacturer's warranty: 5 years


Sofar HYD has a selectable operating mode:

Auto Mode automatic mode - in automatic mode, the inverter automatically charges and discharges the battery depending on the amount of energy generated in relation to its consumption.

Time-of-use mode - electricity is more expensive during high demand (peak rate) and much cheaper during low demand (off-peak rate). Time-of-use rules can be set. A maximum of 4 rules are supported (rule 0/1/2/3). In order to recharge the battery, it is also possible to select an off-peak period.

Timing mode - in this mode, you can manually set the charge time/power and discharge time/battery power.

Passive mode - once the inverter is connected to the grid, the inverter functions can be remotely controlled using commands