• SOFAR 15KTL-X-G3 Three Phase 2xMPPT

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Product specifications:

Maximum input power : 22,500 Wp

DC starting voltage : 160V

Maximum input current per MPPT: 26A / 13A

Rated power: 15,000 W

Maximum AC power: 16,500 VA

Protection class: IP65

Standard manufacturer's warranty: 10 years

The SOFAR 15KTL-X-G3 three-phase inverter with dual MPPT has a maximum DC input voltage of 1100V, long-term overload capability of up to 110%, Type II SPD for DC and AC.

It also features intelligent string monitoring, remote software updates and a maximum efficiency of 98.75%. The standard communication mode is RS485, USB or Bluetooth.

There is an option to equip the inverter with a Wi-Fi or GPRS module.



Downloadable files:

EN data sheet

Data sheet EN

NCRfG Declaration of Conformity

LVD certificate PL

LVD EN Certificate

IEC61000 Certificate EN

IEC61000 EN Certificate

EMC Certificate EN

EMC certificate EN

Installation and Operating Instructions EN

SolarMAN Instruction Manual EN

SolarMAN Operating Instructions EN

Warranty terms and conditions EN

Claim procedure

The most common errors and their solutions in SOFARSOLAR inverters

NC RfG EN certification body declaration in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/631

Certification body declaration NC RfG EN in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/631

Declaration of conformity EN ISO/IEC 17050-1 dated 1.06.2021