• SOFAR 12KTL-X-G3 Three Phase 2xMPPT

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Product specification:

  • Maximum Input Power: 18,500 Wp
  • DC starting voltage: 160V
  • Maximum input current at MPPT: 26A / 13A
  • Nominal power: 13.200W
  • Maximum AC power: 16,500 VA
  • Tightness class: IP65
  • Standard manufacturer's warranty: 10 years

SOFAR 12KTL-X-G3 three-phase inverter with double MPPT has a maximum input voltage of DC 1100V, the possibility of long-term overload up to 110%, SPD type II for DC and AC current. It is also characterized by intelligent string monitoring, remote software update and a maximum efficiency of 98.75%. The standard communication mode is RS485, USB or Bluetooth. There is an option to equip the inverter with a Wi-Fi or GPRS module.