• R18 vessel for CO hanging

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Wall-mounted diaphragm vessel for central heating, CO18W.

Vessels of this type are designed to prevent excessive pressure build-up in heating systems by compensating for hot water expansion.
High efficiency, durability and safety of the equipment are ensured by the best materials from which the vessels are made: deep-drawn steel and a high-quality replaceable diaphragm made of ethylene propylene rubber.
The task of the membrane is to prevent water from coming into contact with the inner part of the vessel. This keeps the fluid in the circuit clean.
Protection against corrosion is guaranteed by an external epoxy coating.
The vessel is also equipped with a filling valve.

CO18W parameters:

    maximum pressure: 8 bar
    initial pressure: 1.5 bar
    working temperature: from -10°C to 100°C
    color: RAL 3000
    height of vessel: 456mm
    diameter: 280mm
    connection: 3/4".