• PANASONIC Heat pump AQUAREA monobloc 9kW 3-phase. WH-MXC09J3E8 T-CAP Series (Gen.:J)

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Heat pump Aquarea Monobloc T-CAP, R32 refrigerant, capacity 9kW, 3-phase

T-CAP heat pumps are designed for installation in new buildings and renovations where high power output is required. Full heating capacity even at low temperatures.

The T-CA P series can successfully replace old gas or oil boilers, and in new installations with underfloor heating - radiators or even fan coils. All Aquarea heat pumps can also be connected to a solar or photovoltaic heating system, increasing the efficiency of the system and further reducing the environmental impact.


Only the outdoor unit is present in the system. No external refrigerant lines are needed, only the heating and/or domestic hot water system is connected to the outdoor unit.



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