• PANASONIC Heat pump AQUAREA Split 16 kW KIT-WXC16H9E8 (WH-SXC16H9E8 + WH-UX16HE8) T-CAP Series 3-phase

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Aquarea - an innovative and energy-efficient system based on air-to-water heat pump technology


Aquarea will effectively and efficiently heat your home even at extreme outdoor temperatures. Aquarea can also cool rooms in summer and provide domestic hot water year-round.

Aquarea T-CAP is a series designed for retrofit and new construction applications, maintaining total efficiency even at very low ambient temperatures.

Split system: the system, in the form of a separate indoor and outdoor unit, connects to the heating and/or domestic hot water circuit.

High energy efficiency class A++

Constant efficiency down to -20°C

Maximum outlet temperature of the hydronic module: 60°C

Operation at temperatures as low as -28°C

Special software for energy-efficient homes, minimum outlet temperature: 20°C

Built-in magnetic water filter and flow meter and automatic air purification valve

DHW production with external storage tank

Control and operation via the cloud (CZ-TAW1 module required)

Easy-to-use remote controller