• PANASONIC AQUAREA monoblock 7 kW heat pump WH-MDC07J3E5 HIGH PERFORMANCE Series (GEN.:J) 1-phase

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Aquarea Monoblok High Performance heat pump, R32 refrigerant, 7 kw 1-phase capacity.

Designed for new installations and energy-efficient buildings. Exceptional performance and energy savings with minimal CO2 emissions and compact design. They are easy to install in all types of buildings - both new and existing.

High Performance pumps help meet stringent building requirements and reduce construction costs. Building heating and hot water preparation account for a significant portion of total energy consumption. Panasonic's High Performance heat pumps contribute to a significant reduction in energy consumption.


There is only an outdoor unit in the system. No external refrigerant lines are needed, only the heating and/or domestic hot water system is connected to the outdoor unit.