• NOARK Wall-mounted charger for electric vehicles, Type 1, 1 phase,32A

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Ex9EV is a wall-mounted electric vehicle (EV) charger designed for home use.

The charger is equipped with a type B residual current circuit breaker, which is an essential protection for EV chargers.

An EV battery operates on the DC principle and may experience DC leakage.

The integrated Type B RCCB is capable of detecting high-frequency DC, AC and pulsating current leakage.

The 5 m long connection cable is available with a type 1 plug and is included in the delivery.

Technical data:

Complies with IEC/EN 61851

Mounting directly on the wall

1-phase version

Charging current 32A

Plug Type 1 (5 pins)

IP44 protection level