• NOARK Surge release for SHT31 switch disconnector (100544)

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NOARK Increase trip for SHT31 disconnect switch.

Accessories are designed to be combined with different types of devices.
Up to three units of auxiliary contacts or trip contacts and up to two units of triggers can be mounted (up to two units can be mounted for AX3122 auxiliary contacts), plus one residual current block (for Ex9B overcurrent circuit breakers only).

Triggers are mounted on the left side of the unit.

Auxiliary contacts and trip contacts are mounted on the left side of the unit, or on the left side of the trip unit if one is installed. The contact units are equipped with alternating contact combinations.

Number of normally closed contacts-0
Up to max. current of main contacts-125
Mounting width-1
Type of control voltage -AC/DC
Up to max. number of main contacts (total) -1
Type of accessory equipment -Increase trip (for compact circuit breakers)
Number of error signaling contacts -0
Number of NO contacts -0
Rated voltage -230
Number of changeover contacts -0









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