• NOARK Surge arrester for PV systems TYPE 1+2 1000V DC 3P (111759)

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Technical data:

    DC rated voltage (Un) 1000V
    Rated operating current - 8/20 μs (In) 20 kA
    Maximum dissipated current (Imax) 40kA
    Protection level voltage 4.2kV
    Maximum continuous operating voltage of 1200V
    CE Declaration of Conformity
    PV T2 (Class II, Type 2, C)
    Replaceable insert
    Optional auxiliary contact to inform about the status of the insert
    Design in accordance with 50539-11
    Mounting 35 mm rail according to EN 60715 rail

Noark's surge arrester type Ex9UEP is designed to protect photovoltaic applications. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards of EN 50539-22, PV T2 class.
An optical status indicator of the varistor insert informs about the wear of the element. Built-in auxiliary contact allows electrical indication of the status of the insert.
Safe replacement of a worn varistor insert is possible without disconnecting the device.