• NOARK Surge arrester 4P type C 2 275V AC Ex9UE2 (103357)

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Technical data:

    Protection level L-N-1.4
    Short circuit immunity
    Type 2
    Network layout -TN-S
    Tripping indication on the device - Optical
    Protection level - N-PE
    Mounting method-Mounting rail DIN TH - 35 mm
    Size - 4 modules
    Number of poles - 4
    Max. cross-section of flexible cable - 35mm
    Rated discharge current (8/20) - 20
    Max. conductor cross-section (single/multi-strand) - 35mm
    Rated AC voltage - 275
    Maximum continuous operating voltage AC - 275
    Degree of protection (IP) - IP20

Ex9UE surge arresters are designed to protect against surges caused by transient fast switching operations or indirect lightning surges. It is recommended to install the devices every 10 - 20 m of cable length, in main switchboards as well as sub-distribution boards.
The design of Ex9UE2 arresters is based on varistor elements. It provides low response time. Built-in auxiliary contact allows for electrical signaling of the status of the insert.
Modular design with interchangeable inserts allows quick and easy replacement of functional modules in case they burn out, due to the frequent occurrence of surge peaks. They are tested in accordance with EN 61643-11.