• NOARK Plastic N/T hermetic switchboard 1x12M PHS IP65 12T 1000V (101494)

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Technical specifications:

    Manufacturer: NOARK
    Product color: light gray
    Commercial designation: 101494
    Type: surface mounted waterproof switchboards
    Number of rows: 1
    TH35 (DIN) rail: 1x12
    PE/N terminals: yes
    Door type: transparent tinted
    Number of doors: 1
    Lock type: plastic lock
    Sealable: yes
    Dimensions: 319 (B) × 259 (A) × 144 (C) mm; 210 (E) × 130 (F) mm
    Material type: Acrylonitrile/styrene/acrylate (ASA) halogen-free
    Number of 18mm modules: 12
    Rated current In: 63A
    Rated insulation voltage Ui: 690V AC / 1000V DC
    Protection class against electric shock: II
    Degree of protection: IP65
    Impact resistance: IK08
    UV resistance: yes
    Operating temperature: -25°C ÷ +60°C
    Certifications: CE, RoHS
    Standards: EN 60670, EN 62208