• NOARK Modular insulating switch disconnector 3P 63A AC (100876)

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NOARK Modular insulating switch disconnector 3P 63A AC 100876

The Ex9I125 series of isolating switch disconnectors is designed for a wide range of applications especially as main disconnectors. The apparatus is tested according to IEC/EN 60947-3 and fulfils the requirements of the insulating function. An isolating switch is a component of modular apparatus that has two functions to fulfil. First of all, it conducts current under rated conditions and also during overloads, short circuits or other faults. However, it can only do this for a limited period of time.
In addition, it disconnects the circuit under rated and overload conditions. Another of its tasks is to isolate the circuit, thus ensuring safe operation when operating equipment and networks. Such disconnectors are used in switchgear to disconnect voltage from all circuits. This is because it is the main emergency switch.
Use category AC-22A ensures the ability to disconnect a variety of resistive and inductive loads with low overloads, cos ?= 0.65. Subcategory A allows frequent manoeuvring. The Ex9I125 series of isolating switch disconnectors is manufactured in a modular design, with a width of one module per pole. They can be interconnected using both fork and pin standard busbars.
NOARK Electric develops, manufactures and distributes electrotechnical equipment and its components. The company is part of a group employing more than 25,000 people. NOARK Electric has invested millions of euros in the development of its own products, developed and manufactured using the latest technologies.
The high durability of our products is confirmed by the number of joint cycles, which far exceeds the values required by current standards. 
In addition, NOARK provides a five-year manufacturer's guarantee on all its products. 
Product colour: grey
Commercial designation: 100876
Number of poles: 3P
Number of 18mm modules: 3
Category of use: AC-22A
Rated operating current Ie: 63 A
Rated short-circuit switching current Icm: 1260 A
Rated switching voltage Ue (AC): 400 V
Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Rated surge voltage Uimp: 6 kV
Rated insulation voltage Ui: 500 V
Electrical strength (number of cycles): 4 000
Mechanical strength (number of cycles): 20 000
Mounting: 35 mm rail (TH35/DIN)
Connection type: rail/wind terminal, screw terminals
Max. cross-section of connection wires: 50 mm2
Tightening torque: 2 - 3.5 Nm
Degree of protection: IP20
Operating temperature: -30°C ÷ +70°C
Dimensions (W × H × D): 54×89×80 mm
Net weight (kg): 0.27
Certifications: CE
Standards: IEC/EN 60947-3