• NOARK Fuse Base Ex9FP 2P 30A 1000V DC 101767 (101767)

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Technical specifications:

    Width: 18 mm (per module)
    Height: 83 mm (89 mm with strip holder)
    Mechanical size: 45 mm
    Mounting: On a standard TS-35 mm rail
    Degree of protection: IP20
    Cross-section of connection terminals: 2.5 - 10 mm2
    Ambient temperature: -30 - +70 °C
    Absolute altitude: 2000 m
    Climate resistance: 95%
    Moisture and heat resistance: class 2
    Degree of contamination: 3 Installation class III
    Fuse insert size: 10 x 38 mm
    Weight: 0.07 kg (per module)
    Design in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-3
    Rated voltage: 1000 V DC
    Rated current: Ie DC-20B 1000 V DC up to 30 A
    Number of poles: 1, 2
    Category of use: DC-20B switching Icn 33 kA (30 kA for 20A)
    Maximum power loss of inserts: 4 W

Used to protect the installation of serially connected panels (strings) in photovoltaic installations from overload and short-circuit effects.
Can also be used in standard DC applications up to a maximum voltage of 1000V DC.
Designed for cylindrical fuse-links of size 10 x 38 mm.