• MULTI-CONTACT set of PV-MS wrenches for twisting MC4 connectors (32.6024).

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MULTI-CONTACT Set of PV-MS wrenches for twisting MC4 connectors.

Reliable plastic wrenches designed for twisting and untwisting MC4 solar connectors.
The original product of the Swiss company Stäubli Multi-Contact, made of the best possible components, so it has a very good performance and reliability and durability in all conditions.
The set consists of two keys.

 Technical data:

  •     Manufacturer: Stäubli Multi-Contact
  •     Type: PV-MS
  •     Type: MC4 wrenches
  •     Construction material: plastic
  •     For screwing and unscrewing cable connections of MC4 connectors
  •     For loosening the locking mechanism of the MC4 connector (also with the safety device installed)
  •     Center hole for locking the connector
  •     Push tabs for quick release of connectors
  •     Weight: 40 g (set)