• MULTI-CONTACT Connector MC4-EVO plug + socket 4-6MM2

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Technical data:

     Max system voltage: 1500 V DC (IEC)
     IEC nominal current: (85°C) - 45A / 4 mm2 or 53A / 6 mm2
     Operating temperature: 40°C... + 85°C (IEC)
     Level of security :
         IP65/IP68 (1 hour / 1 meter)
         IP2X (disconnected state)
     Contact resistance: <0.2 m?<br />

MC4 connectors are used to connect solar wires and cables with photovoltaic modules.
The new generation MC4 EVO 2 cable socket is fully compatible with the MC4 series of connectors, but can be installed in installations with a voltage of 1500V.
Thanks to the new design of the electrical contact and housing, the nominal current is almost 50% higher compared to the corresponding MC4 connector.