• LG Heat pump Therma V Monobloc S R32 14kW 3-phase HM143M

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Therma V Monobloc S R32 HM143MR.U34 - 3 phase - 14.0 kW air-to-water heat pump.

Therma V Monobloc S series is the second generation of LG monoblocs for R32 refrigerant. The symbol S ("silence / supreme") means that the monobloc of this series has a low noise level and the best efficiency in the Therma V series.

LG monobloc units feature no refrigerant piping. The units are located outdoors and are connected to the building's plumbing via water pipes.

The plate heat exchanger, water pump, and expansion vessel are housed in the monobloc heat pump housing. This translates into easy and quick installation of the unit, including in facilities already in operation?


Therma V Monobloc S R32 series is a generation of silent heat pumps from LG designed

for heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) heating. This type of pump uses the "all-in-one" concept, that is, no refrigerant installation work.

Easy installation going hand in hand with the universal nature of the device and high seasonal energy efficiency translates into numerous applications of the offered heat pump in residential buildings, as well as selected commercial buildings.


Features of the unit

High energy efficiency (SCOP 4.67 / A +++)

Excellent performance at low ambient temperature (100% ; -15°C)

Wide operating range (ambient temperature: -25 ~ 35°C / water side: 15 ~ 65°C)

Low noise level, 32 to 35 dB(A) (sound pressure in quiet mode)

R32 refrigerant with high efficiency

R1 Scroll compressor

Black Fin anti-corrosion coating



KEYMARK / MCS / Eurovent certification