• LG Heat pump Therma V Hydrosplit IWT R32 16kW 3-phase HU163MRB/HN1616Y

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Therma V Hydrosplit R32 air-to-water heat pump, HU163MRB, 3-phase, 16 kW capacity range + HN1616Y.NB1 indoor unit.

The LG Therma V Hydrosplit series of heat pumps separates the indoor and outdoor units by connecting them through water pipes. The heat exchanger is located in the outdoor unit,which reduces the risk of refrigerant leakage in the room. THERMA V R32 Hydrosplit IWT (with integrated DHW tank) is an appliance for domestic hot water supply, space heating and cooling. This solution conveniently combines an internal hot water tank with a separate outdoor unit.

On the other hand, the Hydrosplit version of the Hydro box is a solution that provides space heating and cooling with high installation flexibility due to the possibility of wall mounting.


Therma V Hydrosplit series? (Hydrobox & IWT) is a generation of heat pumps from LG designed for heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) production. The pumps of this type are characterized by high heating efficiency even at low temperatures, a wide operating range and reduced noise levels.

Features of the devices

    High energy efficiency (SCOP 4.60 / A +++)
    Wide operating range (ambient temperature: -25 ~ 35 °C / water side: 15 ~ 65 °C)
    Built-in hydraulic components in the indoor unit: water pump, expansion tank, venting, etc.).

    DHW tank (200 L) - IWT
    Buffer tank (40 L) and expansion vessel for DHW (8 L) available as an option.
    Built-in flow and water pressure sensors for real-time monitoring of ?o?b?i?egy of water
    Advanced water pump control (optimum flow rate, constant capacity, constant flow rate, constant ?T)
    Improved control logic for the second circuit
    High-efficiency R32 refrigerant
    R1 Scroll compressor
    Black Fin anti-corrosion coating
    LG ThinQTM
    KEYMARK / MCS / Eurovent certification