• Hoymiles End cap F female - socket

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Hoymiles End cap F female - socket

Dedicated end connector for Hoymiles microinverters (works with all models of inverters MI-300W, MI-350W, MI-600W, MI-700W, MI-1000W, MI-1200W, MI-1500W, HM-300W, HM-350W, HM-1000W, HM-1200W, HM-1500W).
It is used to secure the last free connector in the microinverter that will not be connected to the AC grid. Blanking off a free connector is necessary to protect the contacts against weather conditions and the possibility of a short circuit.
The female plug is intended to cover the male connector in the microinverter, the one at the end of the short AC cable.


  • Type: plug for AC female connector
  • Tightness class: IP68
  • Working temperature: (-40?) - (+85?)
  • Black colour