• Heat Pump Set: HYUNDAI Split 10kW+ SL 130L buffer tank + SOLITANK 245L hot water tank with 3.83m2 coil

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The set consists of:




1 X HYUNDAI Split 10kW heat pump HHPS-M10TH + HHPMD-M100THI.


1 X SOLIBUFFER Vertical standing buffer tank 130L without coil for heat pump


1 X SOLITANK Vertical standing DHW tank/exchanger 245L with coil 3.83m2


Datenblatt HYUNDAI Split-Wärmepumpe 10kW HHPS-M10TH + HHPMD-M100THI

Datenblatt SOLIBUFFER Senkrecht stehender Pufferspeicher 130L ohne Register für Wärmepumpe

Datenblatt SOLITANK Senkrecht stehender Warmwasserspeicher/Tauscher 245L mit Register 3.83m2