• HYUNDAI Pompa ciepła Monoblok 26kW HHPM-M26TH3PH

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HYUNDAI Monoblock heat pump HHPM-M26TH3PH



The Hyundai Monoblok heat pump is a model with a fully built-in refrigeration installation and a hydraulic module. Installation of the heat pump does not require refrigerant connections, and the innovative double door design allows for quick service of the pump, while a modern controller guarantees access to monitoring the system's operation and changing settings.


Device features:


Built-in hydraulic module

Refrigeration installation built into the unit

Energy-saving DC Inverter compressors

High efficiency and wide operating range

Water heating even at -25°C

Ecological R32 refrigerant

Easy installation and maintenance of the pump

BMS gateway, Modbus communication

WiFi control and remote control

Built-in electric heater

Wired controller as standard

Built-in temperature sensor in the controller

Selection of operating modes: Heating, Cooling, DHW

Functional settings: Auto Mode, Disinfection Mode,

Holiday Mode, DHW Priority Mode, ECO Mode, Silent Mode

D brushless fan motor

Quiet operation of the heat pump unit

24-hour On/Off programming

Weekly timer

Basic warranty 3 YEARS, with proper inspections the warranty is extended to 5 YEARS.