• HYUNDAI Pompa ciepła Monoblok 18kW HHPM-M18TH3PH

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HYUNDAI Monoblock heat pump HHPM-M18TH3PH

The Hyundai Monoblok heat pump is a model with a fully integrated refrigeration system and hydraulic module. The installation of the heat pump does not require refrigerant connections and the innovative double door design enables the pump to be serviced quickly, while a state-of-the-art controller guarantees access to monitor system operation and change settings.

Unit features:

Built-in hydraulic module

Refrigeration system built into the unit

Energy-efficient DC Inverter compressors

High capacity and wide operating range

Water heating even at -25°C

Environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant

Easy pump installation and maintenance

BMS gateway, Modbus communication

WiFi control and remote monitoring

Built-in electric heater

Wired controller as standard

Built-in temperature sensor in the controller

Choice of operating modes: Heating, Cooling, DHW

Functional settings: Auto mode, Disinfection mode,

Holiday mode, DHW priority mode, ECO mode, Silent mode

Brushless DC fan motor

Silent operation of heat pump unit

24-hour On/Off programming

Weekly timer