• HYUNDAI-HiE-S440HG G12 Shingled MONO 440W Black Frame

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HYUNDAI-HIE-S430HG G12 Shingled MONO 440W Black frame.

Maximum power: 440 watts
Frame color: Black
Cell technology: Monocrystalline PERC
Dimensions: 1899 x 1096 x 30 mm
Weight: 21.8 kg
Number of cells: 320
Connectors: original MC4-evo2 from Stäubli

The main advantages of Hyundai panels are:

guaranteed reliability
A global brand with a strong financial position offering a 25-year product warranty.
PERC SHINGLED technology for ultra-high efficiency.
very attractive appearance.
corrosion resistance

Hyundai - a strong and experienced large company, in addition to excellent products and years of experience in the market is distinguished by financial resilience, which guarantees high security.
The PERC technology used makes Hyundai solar modules extremely durable and efficient.
Hyundai is a conglomerate and operates in many other segments well known to end consumers. Customers benefit from the brand's familiarity and the highest security in terms of warranty fulfillment.



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TUV certificate 61215 61730

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