• HYUNDAI Counterflow Recuperator HRS-PRO250

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Hyundai HRS-PRO 250 recuperator

Hyundai HRS-PRO 250 recuperator with counterflow heat exchanger has high energy recovery due to the special design of the exchanger, and the by-pass function, depending on the air parameters, allows us to bypass the counterflow heat exchanger. Thanks to the speed control, which has 10 gears, we can adjust the power more precisely to current needs.

The Hyundai HRS-PRO 250 recuperator has even higher temperature recovery than crossflow recuperators. Compared to crossflow recuperators, the Hyundai HRS-PRO 250 Recuperator saves up to 30% energy.  The air outlet design is designed to make the unit as quiet as possible. Thanks to the special chemical treatment of the cellulose exchanger, the Hyundai HRS-PRO 250 Recuperator has a very low resistance and allows it to achieve high recovery efficiency.

The height of the Hyundai HRS-PRO 250 Recuperator has been reduced by 20%, which facilitates installation and maintenance of the unit. To the Hyundai HRS-PRO 250 recuperator can be connected a heater, or a cooler.


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