• HYUNDAI 5.3kW ELITE SILVER wall-mounted air conditioner HRP-M18ELSI/2 + HRP-M18ELSO/2

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Hyundai ELEGANCE SILVER wall air conditioner indoor unit HRP-M18ELSI/2 + outdoor unit HRP-M18ELSO/2 5.3 kW

HYUNDAI ELITE SILVER combines the style, advanced technologies of the ELITE series with the extreme performance of an air conditioner in the harshest conditions. The front panel is imitation grated metal with a timeless look that will appeal to the most discerning people, distinguishing the interior of any home or office.

Benefits and functions

WiFi remote control (standard)
Manage your Hyundai air conditioner wherever you feel like it! The Hyundai air conditioner comes standard with the possibility of connecting a WiFi module, thanks to which we can remotely control the operating temperature, switch the unit on/off, change the operating modes or set a weekly schedule for the operation of our unit. Control takes place via the NetHome PLUS application, which can be installed on Android or iOS-based phones.

Equipped with additional Silver Ion and Catalytic + Active Carbon filters
The air conditioner is equipped with additional filters: Silver Ion, Active Carbon and Catalytic to ensure even better air quality. The Silver Ion filter, kills bacteria and prevents the growth of micro-organisms, e.g.: bacteria, viruses, fungi or spores through silver ions are destroyed through the internal cellular structure of the micro-organisms. Catalytic filter, neutralises micro-organisms, germs and unpleasant odours. It is recommended that every 3-4 months it should be placed in a sunny location for 6-8 hours. Active Carbon filter - absorbs various types of particles and harmful gases invisible to the naked eye with its entire surface. It is up to 99% effective in removing unpleasant odours.

+8°C temperature maintenance
This function allows the room to maintain a constant temperature of +8°C during the winter period by automatically controlling the operation of the air conditioner.

Quiet operation 20dB(A), and Quiet mode
The modern design of the DC fan motors and the improved soundproofing of the indoor unit make the operation of our air conditioner virtually inaudible. The QUIET function reduces the volume of the air conditioner's operation by up to 20 dB(A), creating ideal conditions in the bedroom, children's room - without disturbing the peaceful sleep of your loved ones.

MULTI SPLIT compatible unit
An indoor unit with this function can operate both in the standard MONO-SPLIT 1 - 1 version and can also be used when configured with MULTI outdoor units.

Air ionisation
The built-in plasma generator releases negative ions to remove unpleasant odours, dust particles, smoke and dust from the air while reducing electrostaticity in the room.

Thanks to the drip tray heaters and compressor, the Arctic KIT enables stable operation in heating mode at low outside temperatures as low as -25°C.

Efficient high-density air filters, PM2.5 filtration
The main high-density air filters with anti-mould, anti-fungal action will take care of the highest air quality in your home by achieving PM2.5 filtration levels during air conditioner operation.


Due to the amendment of the law, as of 01.01.2018. In connection with the amendment of the law, as of 01.01.2018 it is prohibited to install Split, Multisplit, VRF stationary air conditioners and other devices containing fluorinated greenhouse gases by oneself.
Installation may only be carried out by a professional installation company or a person with a current F-gas certificate!
Conditions for remote purchase of air conditioning or other equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases:
1.Purchase by an individual customer who does not have the relevant qualification and F-gas certificate. The customer must indicate the specific installation company (natural or legal person with an F-Gas certificate) in the statement sent by us after the purchase or present a contract concluded with a certified installation company/individual with the relevant F-Gas certificate.
2. purchase by a certified Installer who declares that he/she holds the relevant certificate in accordance with the Ordinance and states the certificate number in the declaration or sends a scan of the certificate.
3. purchase by an air-conditioning retailer who declares that the product purchased will be intended for resale.
We stipulate that the purchased product will only be dispatched upon receipt of a scan of the required documents. If the documents mentioned above are not sent, the seller considers the transaction void and has the right to cancel the order, and is obliged to return the entire amount paid by the customer to the account from which the payment was made.

Datasheet PL
Declaration of Conformity
User manual, installation manual + warranty card
WiFi module installation instructions