• HUAWEI SmartLogger 3000A without PLC

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Huawei SmartLogger 3000A01EU without PLC

This is a data logger that can connect up to 80 devices to view data from PV installations.
SmartLogger has several communication interfaces that can be connected to.
The device is quite handy, relatively lightweight and can be mounted in several ways.
Thanks to its light weight and handy size, the Huawei SmartLogger 3000A can be installed without much trouble.
It can be mounted directly to the wall, but can also be hung on DIN rails and freestanding on a flat and stable surface if necessary.

Product specifications:

    Can be accessed via WAN (Internet), LAN (local area network), RS485, MBUS (compatible with PLCs, which requires a separate module), 2G/3G/4G (mobile networks)
    Digital and analog inputs and outputs
    Has several LEDs for status reading
    SmartLogger has an integrated web portal for system configuration
    Available application for full commissioning
    Single USB2.0 port available
    Operating temperature: -40 ~ +60°C
    Permissible humidity: 5%-95% relative, non-condensing
    Dimensions: 28 x 16 x 5.7 cm
    Weight: 2 kg.

Downloadable files:

Karta katalogowa PL
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