• HUAWEI SmartLogger 3000A with PLC

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The Huawei SmartLogger 3000A03EU with PLC is a data logger that can be connected to up to 200 devices, 150 of which can be inverters. It provides insight into the operation of photovoltaic panels and inverters. With its handy size and relatively light weight, it is easy to install. Once installed, there are several ways to connect to the SmartLogger. For example, the device can be accessed via the Internet (WAN), but also via a local area network (LAN), RS485, MBUS (compatible with PLCs and possible directly via an attached module), mobile networks (2G/3G/4G), and digital and analog inputs and outputs. There are also three LEDs on site for reading statuses. There is also an integrated web portal for system configuration. Commissioning can also be done via WLAN using an app. The SmartLogger also features a USB2.0 port.


    CN code: 85371091
    Height: 225mm
    Weight: 2kg
    Gross thickness: 145mm
    Gross height: 390mm
    Gross weight ( in package): 2.50kg
    Width: 160mm
    Thickness: 44mm
    Gross width: 340mm


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