• HUAWEI SUN 2000-25KTL-M5

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Being lighter, slimmer and smarter in one fell swoop - that's only possible if you're an inverter. Huawei's 12-25KTL devices received the same upgrade with the jump from the M2 to M5 series. The 4 kg weight reduction, smaller dimensions and higher input currents are impressive. In addition, all new internal optimiser models are available as optional accessories.


Product benefits:


- Higher DC input current.


- Smaller and lighter weight


- Compatible with all new Huawei optimisers *.


Product features:


- AC power: 25.0 kW


- Number of MPPT: 2


- AC connection: 3-phase


- Communication: RS485, Wifi / LAN (optional), 4G / 3G / 2G (optional)


- Degree of protection: IP66


- Cooling: active


- Dimensions: 460 x 546 x 228 mm (H x W x D)


- Weight: 21.0 kg


*compatible with Huawei optimiser:


SUN2000-450W-P, SUN2000-450W-P2, SUN2000-600W-P, SUN2000-1300W-P, SUN2000-1100W-P.


Strong brand, strong products and innovative solutions: the product portfolio of the world-renowned manufacturer is flexible, diverse and powerful. With its inverter solutions, Huawei continues to prove its quality ambitions and the company's technological progress. The world leader in information technology and telecommunications solutions has also been active in the solar inverter segment for more than eight years and is the only manufacturer to offer DC-side fault detection technology as standard. The modern and efficient products are