• HUAWEI SUN 2000-185KTL-H1

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Product specifications:

Product specifications:
DC starting voltage : 550V
Maximum operating current per MPPT : 26A
Maximum AC power:185,000W
Protection class: IP66
Standard manufacturer's warranty: 5 years


The origin of Huawei brand inverters purchased from Z-Eco Energy can be verified via the link:
(if you have problems with the link, please copy it and open it in a new browser window)
Then it is necessary to enter the serial number of the product in the field "Please input Serial Numbers: ", you will also need to rewrite the Captcha code and press the "Search" button.
In the window below you will be able to download the Warranty Card, which contains information about the product and the start and end date of the warranty period.


User Manual
Terms of Warranty
EU Declaration of Conformity