• HUAWEI Energy Storage 10kW (LUNA2000-5-C0+2 X LUNA2000-5KW-E0)

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HUAWEI Energy Storage 10kW (LUNA2000-5-C0 + 2 x LUNA2000-5kW-E0).

The LUNA2000 intelligent energy storage system from Huawei is a flexible investment that allows you to expand your storage from 5kWh to as much as 30kWh. The solution will work well in both households and businesses.


    power module - LUNA2000-5KW-C0
    number of control modules - 1
    nominal voltage (1-phase system) - 360V
    operating voltage range (single-phase system) 350-560V
    nominal voltage (three-phase system) - 600V
    working voltage range (three-phase system) - 600-980V  

To complete the energy storage, you need to buy:

    Huawei DTSU 666-H smart power meter

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