• HUAWEI DTSU 666-HW meter 80A

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HUAWEI DTSU 666-HW meter.

Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW three-phase energy meter from Huawei is designed to monitor electrical parameters in photovoltaic installations. It allows you to control and limit the outflow of electricity from the PV installation to the grid, as well as to monitor the level of its self-consumption. Installation of the Meter gives you the opportunity to view real-time parameters such as voltage, three-phase current, active and reactive power, frequency, positive energy, reverse energy and much more.

It is a new Huawei meter, compatible with Huawei inverters. It has the ability to measure directly (without transformers) up to 80A, and at the same time it is possible to use current transformers according to your needs and measure more current (transformers are configured on the meter, secondary current 1 or 5A).


    Thickness - 80 mm
    Weight - 0.50 kg
    Width - 72 mm
    Height - 100 mm