• HOYMILES Microinverter HMT-1800-6T 3F ( 6*380W)

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Product specification:

  • Maximum power of the connected photovoltaic panel: 380W
  • DC inrush voltage: 22V
    Maximum input current: 6 * 11.5A
  • Maximum AC power: 1800W
  • Tightness class: IP67
  • Standard manufacturer's warranty: 12 years
  • Possibility to extend the warranty up to 25 years (price: 30% of the product value)

ATTENTION! For each installation consisting of microinverters, a Hoymiles monitoring module should be selected - DTU module MI-PRO-S type with RS485 port (required for connection to the network).


Additionally, each of the inverters can be connected to a web server where the status of the PV installation can be monitored in real time. The installation can be expanded in a modular manner by adding additional PV panels equipped with microinverters.