• HOYMILES Microinverter HMS 1800-4T 1F (4*600W)

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Hoymiles Microinverter HMS 1800-4T

Reaching up to 2,000VA output power, the new Hoymiles HMS-2000 microinverter ranks at the forefront of 4-in-1 microinverters. Up to four PV modules can be connected to each microinverter with independent MPPT and monitoring, allowing for greater energy efficiency and easier use.

The new Sub-1 G wireless solution allows stable communication for installations in any environment.


Up to four modules can be connected to each microinverter - quick installation and lower cost

Safe in rooftop solar stations equipped with an insulated transformer to withstand sudden outages

Wireless Sub-1 G solution allows stable communication in commercial and industrial installations

High power microinverter, achieves up to 2000VA output power

Independent MPPT and monitoring allows greater efficiency and easier use

The Reactive Power Control system complies with EN50549-1 :2019, VDE-AR-N 4105:2018, UL 1741, ABNT NBR 16150, etc.