• HOYMILES Hybrid inverter HYT-10.0HV-EUG1 (3-phase)

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The HYT-HV series are high-performance, three-phase hybrid inverters with the highest reliability in power classes from 5 to 12 kW. The intelligent EMS function supports self-consumption mode, economy mode and emergency mode in multi-scenario applications. Monitoring management via the S-Miles Cloud allows users to remotely diagnose and track the performance of individual systems over time, offering the highest quality of energy production.

  • Max efficiency: 97.6%; efficiency according to European standards: 97.0% 
  • Double maximum power point tracking (MPPT), up to 14 A MPPT current 
  • DC/AC ratio of up to 150%
  • Built-in volt-free contact, monitors ground fault alarm and provides load control or generator control 
  • Ultralight design for easy installation and space saving  
  • Supports direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) coupled systems  
  • Remote monitoring via S-Miles Cloud service 
  • EMS system integrated with self-consumption mode, economy mode and emergency mode, offering multi-scenario solutions for daily life applications.