• Grounding cable LGY 25.0 ŻO H07V-K Single core cable flexible stranded 450/750V

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Grounding cable LGY 25.0 ŻO H07V-K single-core flexible cable 450/750V


Screen: No

Halogen-free EN 50267-2-2: No

Oil resistant (according to EN 60811-2-1): No

Permissible cable temperature for mobile connections -15 °C

Rated voltage U0: 450 V

Permissible cable temperature for permanently installed cables -40 °C

Approximate outer diameter 8.7 mm

Insulation colour: Green-yellow

Flame retardant: In accordance with EN 60332-1-2

Conductor insulation: PVC

Nominal conductor cross-section 25 mm2 

Conductor diameter 6.27 mm

Conductor material: Copper