• GROWATT Controller module APX 98034-P2 + cable/suitable for MID XH from 1 to 6 batteries

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The Growatt BMS (Battery Management System) controller is a device located between the inverter and the battery. Its task is to check the state of charge of the cells and to balance them, i.e. to charge the individual cells with the correct current and voltage for them. For photovoltaic systems also designed for energy storage, the BMS is essential if the inverter does not have a built-in controller. The APX BMS controller supports 1 to 6 APX batteries



-Flexible power selection from 5.0 kWh to 30.0 kWh
-BMS controller for 1-6 Growatt APX 5.0 batteries - designed for Growatt MID XH inverters
-The APX LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries are cobalt-free and provide excellent levels of safety and reliability
-Easy installation thanks to modular stackable design
-Remote software update
-Long service life, 10-year warranty
-A minimum of 1 battery + BMS controller required for commissioning
-The APX batteries are IP65 rated for longer trouble-free operation indoors and outdoors
-The batteries have a compact housing (690/185/295mm) and weigh only 50kg
-APX monitors not only the total state of the battery, but also the individual cells and provides full protection of the battery system
-Cell voltage balancing allows for longer battery life
-Growatt warranty plan

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