• GEKO End crimping machine 0.25-10mm ERN-10 G01772

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Sleeve terminal crimping machine for cross sections 0.25-10 mm² FOUR ANGLE CLAMPING SYSTE

The professional sleeve crimper is an essential piece of equipment in the toolbox of every electrician or installer. It allows a secure and ergonomic connection of the cable to the sleeve

The crimper has an improved sleeve crimping system - a four-sided crimping system. This enables it to make the connection precisely, firmly and safely. It has a system that locks the opening of the pliers until the end is crimped. The product is universal - it handles the most common sleeve sizes.



  •     Use for wires: 0.25-10 mm², 2x 0.5-4 mm² (double sleeves)
  •     Length: 175 mm
  •     Standard: EN-50109-1
  •     Certifications: CE