• F&F 45A single-phase energy consumption meter/indicator (WZE-1)

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The WZE-1 F&F single-phase electricity consumption meter is equipped with a clear LCD display. Its maximum current is 45 A. This static meter has been specially designed to measure energy consumption in single-phase AC circuits in a direct system. Moreover, this meter is certified according to MID (International Measurement Directive), which confirms its accuracy and quality of measurements.
How does the WZE-1 single-phase electricity consumption meter work?

A special electronic system, operating under the influence of the flowing current and applied voltage, generates a series of pulses, the number of which is directly proportional to the consumed electrical energy. These pulses are converted into a signal that causes the LED to pulse, informing the user about the current power consumption. The number of pulses is precisely calculated and converted into the amount of energy consumed, and its value is displayed on a clear, segmented LCD display. Additionally, the digits after the decimal point indicate the value in hundredths, for example .01 kWh, which corresponds to 10 Wh (watt hours).
Technical data:

     Type: single-phase
     Compliance: MID Directive 2014/32/EU
     Reference voltage: 230 V AC ±30%
     Base current: 0.25÷5 A
     Maximum current: 45 A
     Minimum measured current: 0.02 A
     Meter's own consumption: 8 VA; 0.4 W
     Counter reading range: 0÷99999.99 kWh
     Meter constant: (1 Wh/imp) 1000 imp/kWh
     Reading indication: red LED
     Pulse output SO+ SO- : open collector
     Connection voltage SO+ SO-: 12÷27 V DC
     Connection current SO+ SO-: max. 27 mA
     SO+ SO- pulse time: 90 ms
     Accuracy class: B
     SO+ SO- cable length: max. 20 m
     Connection: 6.0 mm² screw terminals
     Operating temperature: -20÷50°C
     Dimensions: 1 module (18 mm)
     Mounting: on a 35 mm rail
     Degree of protection: IP20