• Deye Battery RW-M6.1-B 51.2V 120Ah 6.14kWh

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Deye Battery RW-M6.1-B 51.2V 120Ah 6.14kWh

Deye RW-M6.1-B 

  •  lithium solar storage batteries use a safer, cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry that provides long life, high performance and power density, with full protection provided by an intelligent battery management system ( BMS). This reliable battery provides high discharge power, IP65 protection, natural cooling and a wide operating temperature range from -20°C to 55°C.
  • Thanks to its flexible modular design, the RW-M6.1 solar lithium storage batteries can be easily expanded for use in larger solar energy storage systems. Up to 32 units can be connected in parallel to achieve a maximum capacity of 196 kWh, which is ideal for residential and commercial applications to increase their own solar energy consumption.
  • The convenient plug-and-play battery module offers automatic networking and IP addressing for easy installation. Remote monitoring and updates are supported, along with USB firmware upgrades. Eco-friendly materials ensure safe operation of the non-toxic and pollution-free battery module.The RW-M6.1 has a flat wall-mounted panel to save space.
  • With a capacity of 120 Ah, a nominal voltage of 51.2 V and a total energy of 57.6 kWh, the LFP chemistry provides a depth of discharge of 90% and more than 6,000 cycles to an end of life of 70%. The battery pack measures 475x720x145mm and weighs 58kg.
  • Accessories include a battery hanging board for wall mounting, a hybrid inverter connection cable and an optional battery parallel cable for connecting modules. With a 10-year warranty and an energy capacity of 20 MWh, the RW-M6.1 solar lithium batteries provide reliable and safe energy storage.

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