• DEYE SUN-20K-SG01HP3-EU-AM2 3-phase hybrid inverter

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Deye SUN-20K-SG01HP3-EU-AM2 - Three-phase Hybrid Inverter with 20 kW Power.

Deye SG01HP3-EU-AM2 is an advanced hybrid inverter dedicated to three-phase photovoltaic systems. With an efficiency of 97.6%, this state-of-the-art on-grid inverter guarantees reliable solar energy conversion. With a solid 10-year warranty, the Deye SG01HP3-EU-AM2 is an indispensable tool for professionals who focus on efficiency, reliability and a sustainable energy source. Deye, a respected inverter manufacturer, provides high-tech solutions for installers and fitters. When you invest in the Deye SG01HP3-EU-AM2, you are choosing a proven tool for efficient and environmentally friendly use of solar energy.


    Max charge/discharge current 37A     Support diesel generator energy storage     Max 16 pcs in parallel for on-grid and off-grid operation, support multiple batteries in parallel     Can be connected to DC and AC to upgrade existing solar system     6 battery charge/discharge periods     High voltage battery, higher efficiency     100% unbalanced power, each phase; max. output up to 50% of rated power

EU 2014/30 certification
EN IEC 61000 certification
Official distributor certificate
User manual
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