• DEYE Hybrid inverter SUN-5K-SG04LP3-EU 3-phase

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DEYE Three-phase hybrid inverter SUN-5K-SG04LP3-EU

Technical specifications:

100% unbalanced power, each phase; max.output up to 50% of rated power
AC Couple and DC Couple functionality for upgrading an existing solar system
Max. 16 units in parallel for on- and off-grid operation; support multiple batteries in parallel
Max. charge/discharge current 240A
Low-voltage 48 V battery, transformer isolation
6 battery charge/discharge periods
Diesel generator energy storage capability

Installation instructions
Declaration od conformity CE
EN IEC 61000 certification
EN IEC 62109 certificate
TUV 2014/35/EU certificate
Official distributor certificate
List of compatible batteries
DEYE Warranty Card